Renovation opportunities at Lake Balaton
Guide price €17-24,000

Our local representative at Balatonberény (8km from the M7 motorway from Budapest), at the western end of the south shore of Lake Balaton has access to a number of properties on the hillside on the edge of the village. In the main these are one or two floor, 50-80 sq.m. base, wine ‘press-houses’. Some are already modernised, others are suitable for conversion to holiday homes. All have land with vines and/or orchard-fruit trees. Plots from approximately 2,000 – 8,000 square metres, (0.5 – 2 acres). Many have views across to the lake itself.

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Example unmodernised property with land as an investment opportunity:

An unmodernised working building suitable for conversion to a holiday home, set in 8,000 sq.m. of land, yielding 600 litres of wine per year from red and white grapes. Beautiful, tranquil setting.

Investment illustration:

1. Buy unmodernised property and land
2. Apply for planning permission to split the land in two
3. Plant the required percentage of vines or fruit trees on the second portion of land
4. Modernise the property on the 1st plot for your own use
5. Sell the 2nd plot along with relevant planning permission
6. The money you have made on selling the 2nd plot covers approximately two-thirds of the modernisation costs of your own building

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The hillside is a national heritage site which means that the character of the area is protected and there is a limit to the percentage of the land which can be built on. The regulations regarding buying property in this area are due to be relaxed in a few years’ time and prices are expected to increase significantly. This is a one time opportunity!

The village enjoys excellent transport connections. 8km from the M7 motorway which connects directly to Budapest (178km, approx. 1hr 45mins drive). Nine direct trains a day to Balatonberény or Balatonszentgyörgy.

In addition the Balatonberény area is set to increase in popularity due to the building of a sizeable marina and also a 20 minute drive away will be the new Motorcycle grand prix circuit.

The above details are guidelines only to illustrate one of the range of properties we are being offered. Please contact us and we can arrange a full day’s viewing on the hill and show you a wider selection of what is currently available and provide you with fuller details.

See also a recent article on our site regarding the property market at Lake Balaton:

Property Facts
Size: 8000m2
Property condition: For renovation
Price Range
5-7M Ft
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