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Budapest districts - an intro

Budapest districtsdistricts1.gif

Budapest as you may have heard is divided by the river Danube with Buda lying on the West side and Pest on the East. Buda is quite hilly in places with many green spaces, woods and forests. Pest however is rather flat and busier.

The map shows the main numbered districts of the city where you might be likely to buy a residential property. Generally in Buda you will find bigger, more expensive properties, villas, houses or floors of villas, often with their own or shared gardens. In Pest however, much of the building is more densely packed and urban-feeling with buildings more based around courtyards and inner city squares.


The 1st district is the area within the 'Körút' or Inner Ring Road (shown on the map as a thick red line) containing the Castle District and also adjoining the riverbank. Here you will find premium properties with a corresponding price tag.

The 2nd & 12th districts are more spacious than the 1st district. The areas closest to the centre feature a lot of flats from the early to mid-20th century while in the outlying areas you will find houses, villas, many diplomatic residences and nature areas. The flats you will find are usually a little higher priced than similar properties an equal distance from the other side of the river in Pest.

The 3rd & 11th districts have more of a mixture of housing, everything from houses and inter-war flats to socialist era housing and brand new modern developments.


Correspondingly, across the river in Pest, the 5th district occupies the premium property price bracket. Although the landscape is flat and unremarkable there is the bonus in my mind that from a riverside property on this side you get one of the most romantic night time panoramas anywhere in this part of Europe. I think the number of five star hotels along the river bank here is testimony to that.
     This area is home to embassies, finance and other business, exclusive shopping and many of the best restaurants in town. Properties are flats and tend to be very spacious.

The 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th districts I would think are seeing a lot more activity as regards property. Here you can find somewhere ready to move into or places to fully or partly renovate to your own taste. Each district has its own personality and all four of these districts partly fall inside the 'Körút' or Inner Ring Road.
     The inner areas are comparatively more expensive and more densely populated. The 6th, 7th and 8th have a lot of property stock built around the boom time of 1900. The 9th district has a feel a decade or two younger. The inner 6th & 7th, outer 8th & the 9th have seen many refurbishments of buildings and new developments springing up over the last five years. The 9th features many new riverside properties stretching along down to the 'Millenium' redevelopment area where the new National Theatre and Ludwig Art Museum lie.

Finally, the last district of Pest that would be of immediate interest to buyers is the southern part of the 13th district. Much of the housing here is flats built between the 1920's and the 1940's, often in a local version of the 'Bauhaus' style. Again, part of the district lies by the side of the Danube with many exclusive larger properties and further up to the north there are modern developments.